A Summit Sack fund-raiser is an easy, simple solution to your fund raising needs. It also provides a high return rate for your effort. Summit Sacks are high quality, industrial strength refuse bags suitable for most kitchen trash cans or yard clean-up projects. Summit Sacks are packaged 50 per roll, with 200 rolls per pallet. For example, an order of 400 rolls (two pallets), can earn your organization $2,400.00 in a matter of days!

Typically, a Summit Sack fund-raiser for schools begins on a Friday with each participating student issued 3 rolls. The funds collected are due back to the school the following Friday. A one week time frame maximizes your time vs. return (high quality Summit Sacks are usually sold among family members or neighbors). With only 1000 participating students, each selling 3 rolls, the school can realize a profit of $18,000 in a matter of days!

Benefits of a Summit Sack Fund Raiser

  • Easy to store. Bags will not spoil, melt or deteriorate!
  • A consumable product that everyone needs and uses, and will reorder!
  • Excellent industrial strength.
  • Less time and effort than most fund-raisers.

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